Artist Spotlight: Charlene Soraia

For fans of: Kate Nash and Laura Marling

Charlene Soraia is a singer/songwriter based in London. Her music is a mix of whimsical folk/pop and her voice is one that simply needs to be heard. I first discovered Charlene just over a year ago now after reading a forum post remarking about her opening for another artist. The remark that got me to check her out was regarding her guitar playing and her exquisite vocals. Needless to say, I downloaded her debut EP  “Daffodils and Idylls” that same night and actually bought her other EPs (she has a total of 4) off of iTunes that very same evening.

Her catalogue, up until this point, is comprised mostly of folksy/popsy tunes with very limited instrumentation. Personally, this is my favorite form of music. Nothing more is needed than a guitar, a voice, and something to say for me. I was incredibly moved by tracks like “Bike” & “Kissing Gate”, which lead off and close her debut EP.

Recently, I heard that she was recording her first full length LP with Paul Stacey, who has worked previously with Oasis (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants & Heathen Chemistry) and the Black Crowes. My first reaction to this pairing was a bit “WTF” as I couldn’t compare the musical styles. Surfing recently, I noticed Charlene had put up a track from her upcoming full length and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with atmospheric production and very varied instrumentation. Her voice is still her ultimate weapon and it will be awesome when she finally gets the notoriety that I feel she deserves.

I highly recommend any of her earlier EPs and to keep your eye on this talented girl.

Myspace – Listen to her album track here!

Charlene Soraia – official website with more samples.

The video below showcases Charlene’s vocal and guitar talents. It is an unreleased tune called “Come Face”. What I love about this tune is the sense of humor.

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