Music review: Holy Fuck – Latin (2010)

Holy fuck! It's the new "Holy Fuck"!

Toronto’s Holy Fuck have always intrigued me. While I have a current love/hate relationship with that particular city for personal reasons, I cannot deny that this band have always made me happy. They re-defined “electronica” for me when I heard their first record, 2005’s self-titled debut. They also can bring it live.

Following their debut, they followed it up with another exciting album, 2007’s simply titled “LP”. I was recently in Toronto and had no idea they were coming with another record, but needless to say I was excited to hear that they were.

Now, here it is.

The album opens very ambiently with some speech samples from I don’t know where and grows with an interesting build. It feels like an intro track, as it doesn’t really go anywhere except lead into the 2nd track, entitled “Red Lights”, which is funky and just downright cool. I can already see myself cruising down the road with this shit blasting and a joint hanging from my lips. It’s got a great dancy feel to it and has a well-oiled groove. The basslines throughout the record are just vicious. Track #3 and lead single, “Latin America” adds some pianos into the mix and is simply lush. Early pick for favorite off the record is track #6, entitled, “SHT MTN” which sounds like a mental patient spazzing out at a dance club while tripping on salvia or some other wacky drug. The following track, “Stilletos” is also badass and damn good.

What I particularly love about this band is their albums are streamlined, usually 8-9 tracks and all of them are good. That is the same case with “Latin”.

I have to say that on first listen, “Latin” could end up being Holy Fuck’s defining record. While I hold their first two records in very high regard with a preference towards LP, this one is very fleshed out, with balanced rhythms and excellent melodies, which is a cornerstone of good instrumental electronica.

If you liked the first two records, there is absolutely no reason you won’t like this one. If you’ve never heard the band before, this is a great introduction. I am definitely impressed with this effort and hope to catch them on tour this year. They’re playing NYC on April 23rd, and while I would hope to have been present, I have a prior engagement that day as its my b-day!

Latin drops on May 11th and will be available at any good music retailer. Probably not at Walmart, so don’t look there. Walmart sucks anyway.

Rating: **** out of 5.

More Holy Fuck:

Official Website – with streams and gig listings.


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