Quick Spotlight – Bands/artists you need to hear…

The Quick Spotlight series is just a quick post with a short paragraph about a variety of artists that I’m currently digging on and why you should too!

The Asteroid #4 – The Asteroid #4 are a neo-psychedelic rock band out of Philadelphia. They play a crossbreed style of psychedelic rock heavily reminiscent of The Byrds, The Kinks, and other bands of that ilk with a heavy smattering of early 90s Britpop (read: The Verve, Oasis, and The Stone Roses). What sets them apart is a fantastic range of musicianship and songwriting skill. It’s quite amazing to me that these guys haven’t shimmied up the ladder in a more glaring way as it took some digging for me to discover them. Sharing a label with bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Lovetones can’t hurt in the effort to expand their fanbase, but growing it outside of that subgenre can’t be easy.

Recommended listening: These Flowers of Ours

Lay Low – Lay Low is the nom de plume of Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir out of Iceland. She is a singer/songwriter in the mold of Neko Case and Norah Jones. She plays a mix of folk, country, and blues poured into a bowl and mixed around. I’ve posted about her before on here, but she deserves a second mention. Her voice seriously sounds like Bjork and Patsy Cline had a child together with Norah Jones sticking her head in and causin some drama at some point. Her songwriting is superb and she’s surrounded by some excellent musicians on her 2nd record, Farewell Good Night’s Sleep, which was released in 2008.

Recommended listening: Farewell Good Night’s Sleep

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