Feature – April Mix

My friend Grace has been visiting from Seattle for the past few days and it saddens me that she’s going home tomorrow. She asked me to put together a mix for her iPod for the trip home. I did so tonight and enjoyed doing so, so I decided to make it available for anyone else who may be interested. Some of these tracks have been posted here already, but some haven’t. Enjoy. I’ll probably start doing this monthly, or at least when I have the desire to do so.

Thanks for the exceptional birthday, Gracie. 🙂

Click the cover to get at some tuneage.

  1. Holy Fuck – SHT MTN – From the forthcoming release, “Latin”.
  2. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anenome – “From Their Satanic Majesties Second Request”.
  3. The Dolly Rocker Movement – In My Mind, In My Words, and In My Heart – From “Electric Sunshine”.
  4. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Never Understand – From “The Complete John Peel Sessions”.
  5. The Walkmen – Brandy Alexander – From “A Hundred Miles Off”.
  6. The National – Conversation 16 – From the forthcoming release, “High Violet”.
  7. Au Revoir Simone – Knight of Wands – From “Still Night, Still Light”
  8. Erik Satie – Gymnopedie #1 – From “Man On Wire” soundtrack.
  9. Lay Low – I Forget It’s There – From “Farewell Good Night’s Sleep”.
  10. Asobi Seksu – Celeste – From “PEACE” for Amnesty International.
  11. Camera Obscura – Country Mile – From “Lets Get Out of This Country”.
  12. Fleet Foxes – Silver Dagger – From “Your Protector 12 inch single”
  13. Slow Club – Trick Question – From “Let’s Fall Back In Love EP”.

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