New Arcade Fire tunes.

Glad to hear they’re back. Seeing them at Osheaga in Montreal in a bit, so this is a nice preview of whats to come. Can’t say I’m overly impressed with them. I’m digging “The Suburbs”, but not really feeling the other track, “Month of May” on first listen.

Thanks to Marco at KEXP in Seattle (a.k.a. the best radio station in the US) for putting them up.

Arcade Fire- “The Suburbs” (NEW!) by marcocollins

Arcade Fire- “Month Of May” (NEW!) by marcocollins

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Asobi Seksu – An intro and some stuff to DL.

Yuki Chikudate of Asobi Seksu

If you’ve come across this blog before, then you may know that I am an ardent supporter of NYC’s, Asobi Seksu. Asobi Seksu are a band that I hate to try and place into a genre, because they at times float from dream pop to shoegaze to rock to pop to folk, and it just really messes with your head when you try to think of a tag to use on your iPod.

I first discovered them back in 2007 when I somehow (I really have no clue anymore) came across the video for their song, “Thursday” off of the album, “Citrus“. I was immediately struck by frontwoman (and my indie Queen, that’s right, fuck off Deschanel!) Yuki Chikudate‘s vocals and the shoegaze arrangement of the track. I think I listened to it about 20 times in a row that night. Then again, I was also stoned off of my ass, so that may have had something to do with that, but I digress. It’s a great tune stoned or not.

Last year, they really did something awesome in my book. They took a lot of their tunes and reworked them acoustically. I first happened upon this when I went to a show of theirs and picked up a CD that was (at the time) show-only available called “Acoustic at Olympic Studios“. The response to this, or a PR person with their label, convinced them to release these recordings as a proper album, which they did. It was entitled “Rewolf“. I never picked this one up since I have the Acoustic at Olympic disc (its the EXACT same thing as Rewolf, just one song is retitled). I am still blown away by this recording and it was in my top 3 of 2009. That’s how fucking cool it was. To hear Yuki’s vocals so in the forefront, and so crystalline, solidified them as a favorite band of mine. The rearrangement of songs that I had previously only known with tons of fuzz and feedback, stripped down to literally folky arrangements is astonishing. It really shows the musicianship and songwriting abilities of James Hanna, Yuki, and whomever they get into the band to play the other instruments at that time (the lineup changes regularly with James and Yuki the only constants).

I took a look around the net recently acquiring some radio sessions and promotional stuff that they’ve done throughout the years and compiled them into a thingy and lobbed it up here for all. There’s about 20 tracks in it, all varying sessions from full band to the stripped stuff. I especially loved the KEXP session done just this past January, so I included an audio version of that. There is a wicked video version of that set via the KEXP link. I think this compilation is a perfect introduction to this band if you’re unfamiliar. It does range through their whole existence and there is stuff from the self-titled debut, Citrus, Hush, and Rewolf especially. There are a few repeat songs, but they are all separate performances.  There are also two nifty cover songs (Celeste and Never Understand).

They are heading into the studio in June, so that means we should be hearing a lot more really soon .

Definitely catch them live if you get the chance, because that cutie Yuki, she will put you into a trance, and you won’t be able to dance. Should I be a rapper? Nahhh.

Download my sessions compilation thingy here.

This is Thursday, which was my introduction and if it’s yours and you dig it, welcome to the club!

The May Mixtape

Have had a crazy week and have neglected my poor blog, so I thought I’d go ahead and post my May mixtape now. I really enjoyed making one last month, so I’ve gone ahead and made another. I think this will continue to be an ongoing feature.

Click the cover to get at the tunes.


  1. Never Follow Suit – The Radio Dept. – Off of the album “Clinging To a Scheme”
  2. Sampo (feat. Yuki Chikudate) – Pocket – Off of the Sampo EP.
  3. Butterfly House – The Coral – Off of the forthcoming LP of the same name.
  4. What’s In It For – Avi Buffalo – Off of the self-titled debut album.
  5. Caribou – April March – Off of the “Chick Habit” EP.
  6. Inside Looking Out – Eric Burdon & The Animals – Off of “The Best of Eric Burdon & The Animals 1966-1968”.
  7. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons – Pixies – Off of the album “Trompe Le Monde”.
  8. Too Afraid to Love You – The Black Keys – Off of the album “Brothers”.
  9. Deer-Ree-Shee – The Black Angels – Bootleg recording (soundboard).
  10. Thinking Like That – Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Off of the album “Through the Devil Softly”.
  11. Anyone’s Ghost – The National – Acoustic performance from the BBC.
  12. Into Cold Water – The Blue Angel Lounge – Off of the self-titled LP.
  13. Natural Selection – UNKLE – Off of the album “Where Did The Night Fall”.
  14. Fifty Five Falls – Marissa Nadler – Off of the album “Ballads of Living & Dying”.
  15. Andvari – Sigur Ros – Off of the album “Takk”.

Album review: Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

Shit Sandwich

Let me go on record by saying that I love Band of Horses’ first record. It’s still in regular rotation and is a beauty of the last few years. Their second record, while not as strong as the first, is pretty decent and has a few tunes.  The newest record, Infinite Arms, however…..

That’s about all I can muster and even that is derivative as its been done before.

Fuck this record. It’s an overproduced, soulless, piece of shit. This is a half-assed review because this record was so disappointing. There is one song on there that I found listenable (the title track) but even that became grating after the 2nd go around. I tried at least and it annoyed me.

Rating: *

The Black Angels – Super Post – downloads, links, shi-it!

The Black Angels

The Black Angels are one of my favorite bands going right now and I am very excited about their upcoming release, “Phosphene Dream” that they recently debuted at Austin Psychfest and is due out to the masses “this summer”.

Recently, the band played a radio session at KUT in Austin and its a pretty surprising session in that it seems almost stripped down without much drone/feedback + it includes 2 new songs that they’ve been playing live for a bit now.

Also included is another radio session, a bit older and more “traditional” recorded from Radio K in Minnesota. It’s from 2008. It includes an older version of one of the new tracks.

I also highly recommend checking out the bands’ side-projects. The Viet Minh is a “happening” sort of project with lots of freak-outs and droning. It’s a lot of fun. Singer Alex Maas is awesome and along with Christian Bland (guitar) and Nate Ryan (bass/guitar) they are using this project as a sort of “think-tank” for new Angels material at least according to an older newspaper article that I read. Another side project is Christian Bland’s “Christian Bland & The Revelators“, which is also pretty fucking cool in its own right. Its a bit hard to describe, so just check it out for yourself.


The Black Angels – Live at KUT 2010 this is a must for all fans of the band, its rather different!

The Black Angels – Live at Radio K 2008 – a bit more traditional, but great.


I fucking love it. Don’t you love it? Everyone should love it.

The National – Live & Acoustic at BBC6 Music

Gorgeous acoustic renditions of new tracks, “Anyone’s Ghost” & “Terrible Love” performed recently in London. Acoustic sessions for this band are a rarity and they knocked this one out of the park. The flamenco flourish during “Anyone’s Ghost” is pretty nice.

Get it here.

Thanks to the person who originally uploaded it on the band’s official site. Going to the official site will also lead you to a stream of the new album, High Violet,  due out on Tuesday!

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