The Black Angels – Super Post – downloads, links, shi-it!

The Black Angels

The Black Angels are one of my favorite bands going right now and I am very excited about their upcoming release, “Phosphene Dream” that they recently debuted at Austin Psychfest and is due out to the masses “this summer”.

Recently, the band played a radio session at KUT in Austin and its a pretty surprising session in that it seems almost stripped down without much drone/feedback + it includes 2 new songs that they’ve been playing live for a bit now.

Also included is another radio session, a bit older and more “traditional” recorded from Radio K in Minnesota. It’s from 2008. It includes an older version of one of the new tracks.

I also highly recommend checking out the bands’ side-projects. The Viet Minh is a “happening” sort of project with lots of freak-outs and droning. It’s a lot of fun. Singer Alex Maas is awesome and along with Christian Bland (guitar) and Nate Ryan (bass/guitar) they are using this project as a sort of “think-tank” for new Angels material at least according to an older newspaper article that I read. Another side project is Christian Bland’s “Christian Bland & The Revelators“, which is also pretty fucking cool in its own right. Its a bit hard to describe, so just check it out for yourself.


The Black Angels – Live at KUT 2010 this is a must for all fans of the band, its rather different!

The Black Angels – Live at Radio K 2008 – a bit more traditional, but great.


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