The June Mixtape

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, musik!

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1. Camera Obscura – The Nights are Cold

2. The Raveonettes – Somewhere In Texas

3. UNKLE – With You In My Head

4. The Coral – 1000 Years

5. ARLT – La Rouille

6. The Love Language – This Blood Is Our Own

7. Crayon Fields – Take Me Where the Light Isn’t Cruel

8.  The Sundowners – Rhapsody

9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Haq Ali Ali Haq

10. Beastie Boys – Pop Your Balloon

11. Kings Have Long Arms (feat. Candie Payne) – Big Umbrella

12. The Stone Roses – Your Star Will Shine

13. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

14. The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations


The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations (new single?)

Is this the new single for The Black Angels’ “Phosphene Dream”? I certainly hope so. The band with a quick strike psychedelic fuzzball that sets the stage for the aforementioned “Phosphene Dream”, which hits stores September 14.

See this band live if you can. They kill.

BTW here’s a live version of this song from back in January.

trays are in the upright position….

MP3 – Moon Duo – Stumbling 22nd St.

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait & Ready to Start


We Used to Wait

Ready to Start

the hidden unknown

MP3 – Crayon Fields – Take Me Where The Light Isn’t Cruel

Charlene Soraia – When We Were Five

I’ve mentioned this girl a few times on this blog now and I’m excited to post the lead single off of her first LP. It’s unknown what the name of the album is at the moment or when its due to drop, but “When We Were Five”, the single, comes out on August 9th, but you can hear it here now.

I’m a pretty big fan of her EPs, which are all exceptional, especially “Daffodils & Other Idylls“. As for this new single, I really love the vibe when the song gets going. It’s 6+ minutes long which is a bit crazy for a debut single (in the sense that this will be the first thing many people hear by her), and its a very moody track. It definitely doesn’t feel like a single. That being said, I quite enjoy it once we get about 15 seconds in, but that incessant high pitched sound at the beginning of the tune could be a bit off-putting to some.  Get past that and I quite like the song.

Big ’em up some more: The Love Language + a compilation of sessies.

The Love Language

As you can tell by my last few posts, when I get into a band, I get into em big. I burrow deep into their catalogue, live performances, and soak it all in until everything they’ve done (good or bad) has permeated my brain and my soul. This is now the case with NC’s “The Love Language” . After their live set last night, which was on-par with the quality of the headlining performance, I went and gathered together some various live sessions that they’ve performed over the last year and collated them as I did with Asobi Seksu (my love affair with Asobi began a few years ago though) recently.

I also re-visited their debut album, which I am happy now that I did. When I first heard it after the announcement of their opening for Camera Obscura, I gave it a cursory listen and while I can definitely say it was intriguing, I was either not in the mood at the time or just didn’t give it enough of a chance. The live performance last night changed that and now I can fully recommend their self-titled debut with a good amount of fervor.

I am very excited to see where this band goes and how the reaction is once their new one, “Libraries” hits wide. Go see this band if they’re coming near you. I’ll be at their July gig in NYC at the lovely Mercury Lounge. It may be the last and only time you’ll get to see these guys in venues like this. Do it.

Here’s the sessions compilation, clicky.

These performances are all widely available to download (no nefarious collating was necessary) from the likes of Daytrotter (2 seperate sessions), HearYa, and WOXY. I highly recommend each and every one of these sites. One of the best parts about this, is there are two performances of different tracks from Libraries, which I can faithfully acknowledge as the best thing I’ve heard this year as of today. Had I only waited to post my favorites of 2010 so far, “Libraries” would lead the way.

Now, when are they going to do a KEXP and/or KCRW session?

Enjoy “The Love Language“.

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