Big time album of the year contender: The Love Language – Libraries

The Love Language - Libraries (2010)

I first discovered “The Love Language” about 3 months ago when I found they were opening for one of my favorite bands (Camera Obscura), which happens to be tonight.

I gave their debut (self titled) a spin and I was impressed with the songs, but the production was a bit too lo-fi for my tastes at that time. Lead singer, Stuart McLamb, has quite a voice, and I felt that the mix on that record was a bit pretentious in the way the vocals were buried, but the live footage I was able to see showed a lot of promise and gave the songs life that I felt were missing on the record.

That is all rectified….BIG TIME with their new record, “Libraries”, which I’ve listened to about 15 times already.

It’s quite ironic that I get to hear this record the night before I see them live, guess it’s some sort of fate.

The arrangements and songwriting on this record are absolutely on-point and you can bet the “indie” scene will blow up once this gets a bit more notice and it’s actually released.

Merge Records is streaming the record for a limited time, so get your ass listening right here.


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