Big ’em up some more: The Love Language + a compilation of sessies.

The Love Language

As you can tell by my last few posts, when I get into a band, I get into em big. I burrow deep into their catalogue, live performances, and soak it all in until everything they’ve done (good or bad) has permeated my brain and my soul. This is now the case with NC’s “The Love Language” . After their live set last night, which was on-par with the quality of the headlining performance, I went and gathered together some various live sessions that they’ve performed over the last year and collated them as I did with Asobi Seksu (my love affair with Asobi began a few years ago though) recently.

I also re-visited their debut album, which I am happy now that I did. When I first heard it after the announcement of their opening for Camera Obscura, I gave it a cursory listen and while I can definitely say it was intriguing, I was either not in the mood at the time or just didn’t give it enough of a chance. The live performance last night changed that and now I can fully recommend their self-titled debut with a good amount of fervor.

I am very excited to see where this band goes and how the reaction is once their new one, “Libraries” hits wide. Go see this band if they’re coming near you. I’ll be at their July gig in NYC at the lovely Mercury Lounge. It may be the last and only time you’ll get to see these guys in venues like this. Do it.

Here’s the sessions compilation, clicky.

These performances are all widely available to download (no nefarious collating was necessary) from the likes of Daytrotter (2 seperate sessions), HearYa, and WOXY. I highly recommend each and every one of these sites. One of the best parts about this, is there are two performances of different tracks from Libraries, which I can faithfully acknowledge as the best thing I’ve heard this year as of today. Had I only waited to post my favorites of 2010 so far, “Libraries” would lead the way.

Now, when are they going to do a KEXP and/or KCRW session?

Enjoy “The Love Language“.


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  1. Hey great post , I just recently fell in love with this band myself. Their live sessions are great. I saw them at SXSW and was blown away. Their self titled album has quickly grown into one of my all time favorite records.

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