School of Seven Bells strip down.

School of Seven Bells

Recently,  School of Seven Bells visited KEXP in Seattle and performed a brief acoustic set. They played 3 tunes all of which were rather exquisite performances.

If you’re not familiar with the band, they are a duo (former trio) based out of New York City with former members of the Secret Machines and of now-defunct shoegaze/dream pop act on!air!library! They released their second album, Disconnect from Desire, last year which is where all three of these songs come from. Disconnect From Desire was ranked #13 on my top albums of 2010. Definitely worth a listen if you enjoy acts like Mazzy Star or shoegaze/dream pop in general.

I’ve taken the liberty of splitting the lossless stream and converting to mp3 so I could have them on my ipod, and have uploaded that for your enjoyment below.

The fourth track is a “bonus”. It comes from a 2008 acoustic session the band (at the time a trio) did for “Live at Lime”. Live at Lime was a series produced by LimeWire after they attempted to go legit and produced a series of digital EPs akin to iTunes’ live exclusives.

The song included in my compiled EP was the “free” one from the Lime at Live EP called “White Elephant Coat” off of the band’s debut album, “Alpinisms”.  Sadly, it seems that the rest of the EP is lost forever as the LimeWire store has closed its doors seemingly for good. It’s sad as this session sounds like it was brilliant, but unless you were one of the lucky few to pick it up (I was unaware of its existence), its probably gone forever. If anyone has this session, please drop me a line!

At any rate, here’s the recent KEXP session along with 1 track from the aforementioned “Live at Lime” session.


White Elephant Coat video from 2008 “Live at Lime” session


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