Gig review: The Love Language 3/9/2011 – Mercury Lounge, NYC

Firstly, apologies to Telekinesis, whose set I missed due to enjoying the post-LL set bar setting a bit much!

Stuart McLamb of The Love Language

This was my 3rd time seeing North Carolina’s The Love Language who hold my top spot for 2010’s best record, as well as playing a wonderful show opening for Camera Obscura which I reviewed early on in this blog’s infancy.

The difference between the first time I saw this band and tonight cannot be understated. They were fantastic the first time I saw them, but the deft and showmanship they’ve attained in the 9 months since that show is something to behold. This is a band that is road tested and give their all each and every time.

The band tore through a setlist of 12 songs spanning their two LPs. I loved the fact that the majority of the audience knew who the band was and happily sung along and danced along to the music creating a great atmosphere and a highly enjoyable setting in the small, but completely awesome, Mercury Lounge.

Highlights of the show included set opener, Blue Angel off of Libraries, which was a bit of a surprise to hear as an opening song, but set the stage nicely for the rest of the set. As I mentioned in my prior review of this band live, they take their harmony seriously and that was no different on this evening. Manteo, off of their 2009 self-titled debut, was opened acapella with all the bandmembers singing along and the audience members who knew the lyrics joining in. Guitarist BJ Burton’s licks were red hot all night and its always a treat to see the beautiful Missy Thangs step out from behind her keyboards and shake her tambourine.

The other major standout track of the evening was the set closer, also off of Libraries, Brittany’s Back. This is arguably my favorite track off of the record and the lead into the opening verse was a very loud, almost thrash style intro complete with McLamb kneeling in front of his amp ala Noel Gallagher closing an Oasis show to set a sonic fire and lead into this wonderful tune in a really spectacular way.

The Love Language are a band that certainly deserve much more notice and they are one band who I am eager to hear what they do next. Check out their records, or even better, check out a show if they’re coming to your town anytime soon. You won’t be disappointed.

I actually remembered the setlist which I find shocking:

Blue Angel – Lalita – Providence – Heart To Tell – Nocturne – Manteo – Anthophobia – Horophones – This Blood Is Our Own – Sparxxx – Two Rabbits – Brittany’s Back

I hope next time to hear a rendition of Pedals, which is one of the best opening album tracks I’ve heard in recent memory. I have no complaints as each song they played I enjoy highly.

The Love Language 8/10

The band and Telekinesis play another NYC area show tomorrow (3/10) at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Go check them out and jump onboard.

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